High on Life!

For quite a few years, I’d fallen off the gym wagon.  Okay, I’ll be honest, I fell like a ton of dead weight off of the exercise wagon in general.  I ate too much, put on the pounds, went to bed early, felt like a slug.  I was in a complete rut.  It pains me to admit that I could not even taste the good ole days of hiking every weekend (even going on overnights solo), of salsa dancing every Monday night (until 2AM I might add!), and of hitting yoga and step class and group cycling in between.

Tonight, though, I am so amped up from 7PM Zumba that I can’t sleep.

But, this post isn’t about the fact that I am exercising again.  It’s not about the night (a little over a year ago) that I naively decided to reenter the gym world by deciding to take my son to a Kids’ Dance Party at the Y.  It’s not about the fact that I thought some clunky stark-white hand-me-down Reeboks, a pair of light blue (Get this!) maternity sweatpants with bleach stains, and a junky old oversized tie-dyed (no less) t-shirt were acceptable to wear into the central lobby of the fancy newly constructed YMCA building in which everyone else looks like they came out of a fitness fashion magazine.  So, I won’t waste my time telling you about how nauseous and mortified I became after seeing my jiggly maternity-panted thighs in the reflection of the crystal clear second story window after it was suggested that the parents come up and do the Wobble.  The Wobble!  I knew then that I had to get back on my game.

No, this post is about reaching a healthy spring after a long emotional winter and trying to find, and sometimes succeeding in finding, that much coveted buzz of all buzzes.  The high one experiences from just living life right.

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Snowapocalypse 2014!

Aside from being a great catastrophe, an apocalypse can be simply defined as “any revelation or prophecy” or it can be defined more specifically as “a prophetic revelation, especially concerning a cataclysm in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil.” (Dictionary.com)

Western North Carolina’s Snowapocalypse 2014 is upon me and with a whole six whopping inches outside (I’ve been told that I am underestimating and that we really have 8-10 inches!) I am trapped in my apartment, the gleaming sheen of light off of the layer of crystalline precipitation aiding to enslave me even further to the enlightenment of my own revelations.

What does this mean?

Literally it means that snow in WNC, regardless of the slightness, is crippling to our social sphere because (as we receive so little snowfall) we lack the resources necessary to make normal, day-to-day living happen with oh-so frosty fun on the ground.  Winter Storm Pax (who just came and went, no time for dinner) left many Western North Carolinians talking of a Snowapocalypse as the thought of 6+ inches left them riddled with fears of cabin fever and forever eating canned beans.  (Warmed only if the power stayed on.)

Personally, the Snowapocalypse has been real for me in the sense that the time alone (my son is snowed in at his Dad’s) has proved to have some of the effects of a spiritual awakening of sorts.  I have been plagued with a sense of awareness that has left me feeling both open and raw and excited as this path of, dare I say healing, is stretched out as a glimmering winter wonderland before me.  (This may not sound particularly apocalyptic, but bear with me while I attempt to make a far stretch on this one.)

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